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Back in 1980 was when Indian Store Stuttgart was founded by Sukhdev Singh, who was a new immigrant to Germany at the time. He began to notice that there were many others around him who couldn't forfeit their German livelihoods but still were in search of any conduit to India. He took small solace in the fact that he wasn't alone and came up with an idea to start his own venture to solve this problem for his community and opened one of the first Indian grocery stores in Stuttgart. 




From the private archives of the Aulakh family.

From the private archives of the Aulakh family. 


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In 2006, the store was taken over by his son and his daughter-in-law; Kulvinder and Gurpreet Aulakh who did not stop setting goals and chasing opportunities. Their goal to bring the 'feeling of home' to their community always made them strive for the best as traditional values have been more than integral in our story. Evidence of commitment to excellence, hard work, integrity, and family run through all aspects of the business and the brand didn't stop at food products. We offer a variety of products and services, ranging from Indian festive essentials to and religious memorabilia. 


 Gurpreet and Kulvinder Aulakh 


Now run by the third generation of Aulakhs, Indian Store Stuttgart is a store that exists at the juncture of pragmatism and fantasy; the store has realised a possibility for pluralist cultural exchange without sacrificing its Indian DNA.